Bus Accident – Law School Professor Struck By Two Buses – Leg Amputation

VERDICT: $4,250,000.

Breakdown: $4,100,000 for pain and suffering ; $150,000 for spouse for loss of services. Liability was conceded. Jury: 1 male, 5 female.
VII/15-7 Bus Accident – Law School Professor Struck By Two Buses – Leg Amputation

Albert DeMeo v. NYCTA 13215/88 4-day trial Verdict 9/9/89 Judge Gerald S. Held, Kings Supreme

Pltf. Atty: Harvey Weitz of -Schneider, Kleinick & Weitz, Manhattan

Deft. Atty: Patrick Leach of Wallace D. Gossett, Brooklyn

On 1/20/88, Pltf., .a 77-year-old Brooklyn Law School professor, was struck by two of Deft.’s buses as he was crossing Joralemon St. in Brooklyn. He had just gotten off of one of the buses and was crossing the street in the crosswalk when both buses made a right turn and struck him. The light was in his favor. Deft. conceded. liability.

Above-the-knee amputation of the right leg; Pltf. underwent a four compartment fasciotomy of the lower left leg. Pltf.’s wife was an amputee who depended on Pltf.’s care. .Deft. contended that Pltf. made a good recovery. He returned to work 6 months after the accident. Medicals : $102,000. Amount asked of jury: $5,000,000$10,000,000. Pltf. Expert: Dr. Peter Stern, rehabilitative medicine, White Plains; Dr. Raffaele Borriello, surgeon, Brooklyn. Deft. Expert: Dr. Samuel Sverdlik, rehabilitative medicine, Manhattan.

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